A conscious effort in building Values, Beliefs & Rituals Of the organization

Company culture is more than just words on the company’s motto. Merely highlighting a company's core values is not enough.

Connect people with what the company stands for.

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Cultivate cohesiveness with Collate

Company culture is sculpted through the everyday activities into the mindset of the people. Collate helps you nurture a culture with more involvement & intention.

Social Interactions

Communities are built by connecting

Build a dynamic community and foster social collaboration with open communication. Teams can post messages, tag, comment, and like posts.

News & Announcements

Celebrate milestones with your team

Share company-wide announcements and news to keep the team updated on the happenings of the company- New joiners, Product launch, Company expansion, Acquisition, etc.

Events & Notifications

Inform, Engage, Empower & Inspire

Bring your team’s attention to company events and keep them notified on relevant matters to ensure better engagement of the team.

People Directory

Get in touch with colleagues fast

Search anyone in the company, browse employees profiles and organizational charts. Find the contact details of your colleagues and reach out in seconds.