Reduce the time lost in finding information across siloed systems in your organization

A centralized digital hub with categorized Information Repository, Communication, & People for ease of access.

Modernize your digital workspace.

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Onboarding to Company & Project simplified

Bring the disparate repositories, activities and information of your company or a project into one integrated platform.


Create cohesive communities in the company

Channels are dedicated spaces for conversations, repositories, Information Page & Events. A channel can be a department, community, project, or any initiative.


Everything your team needs to know

Collate organizes and categorizes the various documents, files, templates, trackers, presentations, etc., within the channels.


Share only the relevant information

Control access to channels, repositories, and files based on the employee job level and access groups. Group access can be given to google workspace groups.


Set the tone, lead the path

Static information finds a place in the web pages within the channels. These pages can also display dynamic content such as bulletin boards.


Save what’s important to you

Bookmark to save posts, discussions, files, apps, etc., to make it available for quick access the next time you need it.