January 16, 2021

How Unique Core Values Can Better Your Business Growth?

From broadcasting the latest updates & news to strengthening private conversations, the intranet portals are taking the business communications & decision-making process to the next level. Identifying & structuring the core values that are the best fit for the industry has become both an essential & a challenge today. Core values are customized for every business & greatly depend on diversity, workplace culture, vision & infrastructure.

To help you get started with building a unique & sustainable core value structure that best fits your organizational culture, we bring to you a glimpse into the need for a powerful intranet portal & few unique tips that are essential to nurture your business culture. So, dive in to have a look at the definitive guide that can help you create unique core values that foster your business growth.

Private Networking Interfaces:

Intranet portals are a private interface for communications that are highly necessary for any organization today. They are gradually becoming an integral part of the core organizational structure & are being adopted widely for enhanced business communication, collaboration and engagement. Let’s get some real insights about the intranet portal, and what benefits it can deliver to an enterprise?

Intranet portals are the access gateways to third-party apps or business information. They are smart & support organizations in data management, applications and communication through personalized landscapes. In short, Intranet portals are centralized databases that enable employee access for better-connectivity and a more productive business environment.

Here are some of the advantages of using Intranet portals for your business.

⦁ Data Centralization:

Data centralization helps businesses to unify numerous apps & data into one portal. This not only enhances business efficiency but also improves employee productivity. Employees can access anything & everything they need in one place.  quipped with all the right tools to make your employees stay organized & productive while at home.

⦁ Better Communication:

Communication is key in business environments to keep the job rolling on a smoother note. It is a core player in employee engagement & corporate conversations. Intranet Portal can streamline & organize your communications, thereby enabling you to communicate the right information to the right people in a perfect tone & set-up. The tool brings in a lot of activity, boosts employee participation and engagement, thereby establishing the best path to business prosperity.

⦁ Enhanced Collaboration:

Just like communication, in-house collaboration is also equally essential within an enterprise. For giant organizations & large scale industries, as their business operational scale is huge, seamless collaboration can be a bit challenging. With extensive diversity in locations & languages, bringing together everyone on to a single table can be a tough challenge for enterprises. But, with an intranet portal, it is possible. The portal breaks down all barriers and presents a central platform for enhanced collaboration. 

⦁ Record Management:

Research states that employees on an average, spend around 10hrs in a week just searching for relevant documents or information. This shows how important the record management & its benefits are. Advanced search options enable employees to fetch data instantly for boosted productivity while providing them with all the essential tools to do their job effectively. With the right intranet portal, businesses can enhance their data access.

⦁ Inclusive and Inviting:

Better & lasting company culture is only possible with an inclusive & inviting user experience. Personalized employee profiles, comprehensive directories and extensive org charts, businesses can get all at one place. There is also a rich scope to build a customizable portal that fits your unique business demands.

⦁ Universal Accessibility:

With COVID-19 all over &, businesses have no idea till when this pandemic situation shall continue. To help businesses run on a smoother note, intranet portals bring together the extensive visibility, accessibility & freedom to work from anywhere in the world & stay connected. Further, they can be automatically optimized for smart devices.

⦁ 100% Personalization:

Every organization is diverse in culture, values, operations, strategies etc. In a unique scenario as such, work culture always demands a customized approach. With Intranet Portal, businesses can contemplate on brand values, office culture and internal operations through a 100% personalized internal network facility.

⦁ Trusted Security:

While employees are connecting globally, businesses need to maintain consistent data security. Designing the intranet portal with guaranteed security measures will help the industries to meet all their demands on-time.

Wrapping Up: Intranet success. Begin to go on…

Well-designed intranet, business-friendly networks, or any other kind of collaboration platform takes time, endurance, work, and knowledge. From planning objectives to getting a vendor to business branding and record preparation, the primary production phase is what facilitates long term employee progress.

Completely customizable dashboard that brings everything together & provides smart access to what matters to you. Further, businesses can easily bring third-party tools & systems into one integrated digital workplace using Collate. Built-in integrations are super easy to use. All you have to do is just turn-on a switch to run and check a few boxes to customize & configure.

As you all now understand the importance of intranet for your organization & tips to lay a robust support structure for a successful intranet. Don’t forget to take a test drive into the new trend.

If you want like to know more about Collate’s cloud intranet solutions, then reach out to us, we are here to help you.